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YouTuber Shibata Responds to Omonai

YouTube Asia

YouTuber Shibata has released new content on his popular YouTube channel on April 20th in which Soshina, a member of the comedy duo Shimofuri Myojo, mentioned on a variety show that “YouTubers are weird”, according to Tokyo Sports.

While appearing on Fuji TV’s ‘Sake no Tsumami Naru Monogatari’ that aired back on April 12th, Soshina said the following:

“Recently, YouTubers have started to be recognized, or rather, it’s become a trend of people saying, “You’re amazing,” and “I can respect you…” You’re a YouTuber, aren’t you?'” he said during the video. “I really hate people who say things like “YouTubers are interesting” even though they’re comedians”

When asked who that person is, Soshina bluntly stated – “I’m presumptuous, but it’s Hiroyuki Miyasako.”

Shibata has joined in on the debate regarding a number of content creators on YouTube and the debate if they are “stupid”.

“I’ll tell you the bottom line. It’s not fun.” Shibata said. “It’s boring. I’ve never laughed at Hikakin once. I’ve never laughed once when I watched Tokai On Air”

“There’s no such thing as being “interesting” in Soshina. However, what makes Soshina interesting is when he responds with funny things when someone gets rejected on TV, or when he’s the moderator and creates a stir in the conversation, and so on. “I’m a comedian, or I’m just a manzai on stage. I can make even people who aren’t interested in me laugh. There’s no such thing as a YouTuber when it comes to the so-called ‘comedy’ ability.”

“But let me tell you, comedians are training, they’re practicing. They’re honing their skills to make people laugh. YouTubers aren’t fighting there. They’re not making comedy.” There are many different YouTubers out there, and they broadcast interesting stories to people who like urban legends. The field in which we are competing (with Soshina) is different.”

“There are a lot of boring comedians, too. Even more so than YouTubers. It’s wrong to say that comedians are better.”



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