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Over 40 Years, Small Boat Immersed in Tujuah Shower Has Been Found

Goro, the fourth time residents of Kotohilalang Balingka, Tuesday (3/4/17) at the new destination fountain was carried out. The soil that accumulates in the pool has all been removed, removing water stones which are then stacked and arranged on the edge of the pool.

On the day Goro was carried out the weather was very supportive, residents who came around 50 people more, usually the previous goro time when zhuhur there were residents who went home, but this time goro until zhuhur time there were still residents who came to help.

Goro last Tuesday finished until 4 pm, the mothers were very excited, they brought stoves from home to cook water and cook rice using natural wood fuel and many people donated food, coffee and sugar, 30 packaged rice was also donated by existing residents even though they did not participate in goro, many residents who returned brought rice, So are pastries.

The teenagers who went to Goro on Tuesday, were still in the shower waiting for the pool to fill up, when the pool was full, the children immediately swam, immediately used the pool to swim.

It has been about 40 years more or less, the small boat or canoe that was once immersed in the pond has now been found again, its condition is still intact and strong there is only a little leaking at the end.

Because the pressure of the flowing water is strong, it is very easy for us to remove the soil that accumulates in the pond, we chop the soil and then we direct the flow of water to the place where we chop, the soil is immediately washed away and outside the pond where the release of water we plant also with long woods, so that the water blockages smoothly come out.

The community’s efforts were healed when they saw that the pool was good and surrounded by tall and lush logs, the location of this pool was in a quiet place not in a crowded place, the water was very clear, explained resource person Elly Yarsi.

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