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Jorong Koto Hilalang Goro Together at Pincuran Tujuah

Balingka which consists of 3 jorong, namely: kotohilalang, pahambatan and subarang, located at the foot of Mount Singgalang which is very cool, in Balingka there are tourist attractions that are still beautiful, one of which is mato aia bapensi bath in jorong kotohilalang.

Dimato aia bapensi there is also a good destination fountain to be used as a tourist attraction because the water is clean and located in nature that is still beautiful and very cool.

The diameter of this seven fountain pool is 50 meters long and 20 meters wide, said the elders were built around 1970, the construction is self-help or mutual assistance, bringing materials first at night using kerosene lamps or strongkeng as lighting.

In this seventh shower, the water is very cold and suitable for drinking water, “Alhamdulillah, many people came to join the bergoro”, said Elly.

Goro last Tuesday 21/7 at the seventh shower “Attended by about 50 more people, although Goro Tuesday’s plan failed because the weather was not favorable. The result of goro was only 40 percent, if possible, on Tuesday tomorrow it will still be goro to the seventh shower,” continued Elly.

Pincuran seven is a nagari asset whose spring water is from cliffs, the water debit is estimated at 3 liters per second, the water is clean and unpolluted, only repairing and maintenance is left.

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