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Seven Stages of Achieving Real Silat Kumango

Silat Kumango is one of the oldest silat schools in Minangkabau. Originally from Kumango village, Sungai Tarab District, Tanah Datar Regency, West Sumatra Province.

Created by a great Islamic scholar named, Syech Abdurrachman Al Khalidi deceased or better known as Syech Kumango.

As the saying goes “warih indak buliah lost, pusako indak buliah suruik” (Inheritance must not be lost, heirloom must be passed down)

“This saying is very appropriate to be applied in an effort to preserve the traditional cultural arts that we have, such as silat,” said Zamratul Fuadi, a Kumango silat practitioner from Parak Jua Batusangkar.

Zamratul Fuadi learned Kumango silat from Syech Kumango’s nephew named Zainudin Bin Machmud deceased, with the nickname Udin Caya.

During the study of Kumango silat, Zamratul Fuadi gained many things. Both philosophically and the stages of training that must be done in the Kumango silat genre.

According to Zamratul Fuadi, there are seven stages that must be learned to achieve the true essence of Kumango silat.

1. Learning Steps
It is a basic method that must be learned and understood well by students or sasian children.
In this lesson, sasian children are taught the basic form of steps. Where this step is used when starting martial arts moves.

Step split in two:
– Step Tuo.
Step Tuo, is the step that was first created in this martial arts school. Have advanced, decisive, and hard principles. Do not use dodge or Gelek.

– Step Ampek
Step A step method that already has a gelek. This step is created in a clearer form, so it can be taught or learned by anyone.

2. Learn Parry and Attack

3. Learning Galuik
At this stage, Sasian children are required to develop creativity and instinct in every silat movement learned.

Rajo indak baistina, pangulu indak batanyo.
If we stick to the saying above, the teacher will not tell every attack or reproach. However, sasian children must hone their instincts, the ability to profize, in dealing with every opponent’s attack.

Kabek sabalik buhua jerks,
Anggang sapadi indak kanai
Kama kelok candle, ka situ kelok pan
(Locking does not die, hitting does not hit the target, every attack should not be greeted by going against the direction of attack. However, following the direction of the oncoming attack, so as to give birth to energy to counterattack).
This saying is used as a foundation in practicing at this stage.

4. Learn Flowers or Silat
Art In this section, children learn flowers or art from this silat. Not only the art of moves outwardly, but learning what is implied in each move. When the sasian child masters this stage well, the silat moves learned will merge with the body soul of the sasian child. Thus the beauty of the moves played by the sasian child will be seen perfectly. Flowers or art that is well mastered will also be a tremendous strength in the sasian child.

5. Sariat
At this stage, sasian children are tested for their ability to master stage one and stage two.

6. Order
At this stage, sasian children are tested for their ability to master stage three and stage four outwardly and mentally.

7. Essence
This stage provides an inner understanding to the sasian child. This is the purpose of learning martial arts. Can’t play with everything in Kumango’s silat teachings. In silat Kumango is taught how to act quickly and precisely. Both lock and disable. Tagak Jatuah, came dead. In silat Kumango, “Born looking for friends, inner seeking the pleasure of Allah”.

Many things are contained in the teachings of Kumango silat. They are loaded with natural philosophy and belief in True Source.

For those who have mastered, understood and practiced in daily activities properly and correctly, silat Kumango will live within themselves without knowing who moves it. walahualam..
So said Zamratul Fuadi.


h/t –Benny Krisnawardi

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