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Batusangkar has many stories, including Larak trees and Lubuak Larak River

In ancient times, around this river flow was overgrown with Larak trees. Therefore, the local community named this river Lubuak Larak.

Larak tree has many benefits for the health of the human body. Even now the State of Malaysia, produces Larak tree as an Herbal medicine and has been marketed in general.

What exactly is this Larak tree, and how is it characterized.

Larak tree is a type of plant that lives by creeping, entangled into a large mother tree. Its height always follows the tree being climbed. It grows in tropical rainforests and has a very long life.

When this tree begins to bloom, its flowers appear shiny red and smell good. The twigs and surface of the leaves are downy.

It has fruits of elongated spherical shape. When ripe, the fruit is orange and then becomes red and smells good. If it is too old, it will be black.

When it is ripe, it can be eaten with seeds because it is soft. The seeds are numerous, covered with clear white pulp. The taste is sweet-sour.

The fruit of the Larak tree is believed to reduce body heat when during high fever.

In ancient times, the roots of this tree, often used for medicine. Has high Phytoestrogens. Can replace female hormones that are approaching the Monopouse stage.

Currently, Larak trees are very rare, so they are not very well known by the wider community.

Formerly this tree existed in mainland India, South China, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, New Guine, Australia.

In the era of the 1950s to the nineties when the Lubuak Larak river was still actively used by the community, the habitat of Larak trees had begun to disappear. So at that time, the characteristics or uses of the Larak tree, were not very well known by the Batusangkar community.

h/t : Benny Krisnawardi

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