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Will BPJS Employment Deposit of Rp.858.5 billion be hidden?

The Center For Budget Analysis (CBA) revealed irregularities in the management of BPJS Employment financial statements. It was found that a number of deposits recorded but not contained in the financial statements as of December 31, 2014 amounted to Rp 858.5 billion.

Director of CBA, Uchok Sky Gaddafi said BPJS Employment deposits were stored in 13 banks, according to the statement we received on Monday (10/24/2016). In 2014 BPJS Ketenagakerjaan’s operating income amounted to Rp.2.4 trillion. While operating income in 2015 amounted to Rp.3.1 Trillion. So there was an increase in operating income of Rp.703.6 billion from 2014 to 2015.

However, the operational expenses of BPJS Employment are compared in 2014 with 2015 then in 2015. Operating expenses are more “wasteful” than in 2014. In 2014, operating expenses only spent Rp.2.5 trillion. While in 2015, it can reach Rp.3 trillion.

However, in 2014, and it is estimated that until 2015, irregularities were found in the management of financial statements. It found a number of deposits recorded but not recorded in the financial statements as of December 31, 2014 amounting to Rp.858.5 billion and a number of deposits held in banks such as:

1). Bank Papua amounting to Rp.61 billion
2). Bank Permata amounted to Rp.110 billion
3). Bank Muamalat amounted to Rp.179.7 billion
4). CIMB Niaga amounted to Rp.45 billion
6). BTN Ciputat amounted to Rp.54.6 billion
7). BRI special branch amounted to Rp.9.6 billion
8). BRI Gatsu branch amounted to Rp.7.6 billion
9). Bank Bukopin amounted to Rp.231.2 billion
10). BPD Bali Renon branch amounted to Rp. 50 billion
11). BNI Senayan Main branch amounted to Rp.9.1 billion
12). Bank Sumut Medan Main Branch amounting to Rp.5 billion
13). Bank Mandiri Jamsostek Branch amounted to Rp.111.5 billion

From the picture above, we from CBA (Center For Budget Analysis) deeply regret the behavior of BPJS Employment for this “deviant” financial management. Because, the name of the labor money they manage must be recorded in financial reporting as accountability, not unrecorded, or hidden in the form of deposits. This can be detrimental to workers, or workers.

If this continues, it may create “dark money” to include a certain amount of deposits without being recorded on the financial statement. It can also be, or don’t just take interest on deposits for group and personal interests.

But, over time, a number of deposits can become private or group property if they are not entered or recorded in their finances which can be very detrimental to state finances. So, this matter must be investigated by law enforcement such as the attorney general’s office or the KPK, menimal to find out the clarity of a number of deposits amounting to Rp.858.5 billion, and find out who are the perpetrators responsible for efforts to “steal” wo

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