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West Sumatran Customs Confiscate Illegal Cigarettes and Sex Toys

Illegal cigarettes dominate the catch of the Office of Customs and Excise Supervision and Services (KPPBC) Type B Customs Intermediate Bayur, West Sumatra (West Sumatra) than other catch products.

“For cigarettes alone we have confiscated nearly four million cigarettes,” said Head of KPPBC Customs Type B Teluk Bayur Andhi Pramono in Padang, as quoted from antarasumbar.

He said, for example, if the cigarette excise rate is Rp400, then there are around Rp1.6 billion in state losses from January to October because of these illegal cigarettes.

He said the illegal cigarettes were found on land routes with various violations, namely without excise tax fees, falsified excise taxes, used excise taxes, and using excise taxes on other cigarette brands.

“For September 2016 alone we have seized 3,266 illegal cigarettes from sharing brands such as Luffman, Super Premium Star, Clove Warehouse, X5, Miami mild,” he said.

He admitted that it was difficult to follow up on the illegal cigarettes because the cigarette packaging was not written who and where the cigarette was produced and the content of the ingredients used.

However, according to him, the cigarettes came from other provinces because his party did not find a West Sumatra cigarette manufacturing factory.

“The circulation of illegal cigarettes in West Sumatra because the price of cigarettes is cheap but unfortunately the public does not see who produces and the levels of ingredients used in these cigarettes,” he said.

For this reason, he always lays down his members, multiplies informants, and cooperates with related parties so that there are no state losses caused by any product.

In addition to cigarettes, it also found drugs and cosmetics that do not have a distribution permit and sex toys whose spread must be controlled.

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