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If you go to Bukittinggi, stop by H.Zen Roasted Banana

West Sumatran culinary products are one that is widely known in Indonesia and is also called Minangkabau Cuisine. There are many recipes and variations of West Sumatran cuisine based on the region, city or regency, among others in Bukittinggi City.

If you go to Bukittinggi, stop by at pisang bakar H.Zen. It is located in the Upper Market. The location is from the front of the gadang clock, to the row of shops behind Simpang Raya Restaurant (on the right). About 50 meters away, there is a H.Zen food store.

This delicatessen sells roasted bananas. Here, two ambonese bananas are baked with the skin, after ripening, all parts of the banana become soft, the skin is removed and the banana contents are placed in a dish, flush with coconut milk, add sugar and if you like add crackers (commonly called roti gabin). According to, the coconut milk sauce at H. Zen’s store is special.

Actually, there are two stalls selling roasted bananas. One is on the front side, behind the Simpang Raya restaurant, and the other is at the back. To find it, continue to browse the row of shops behind the Simpang Raya restaurant. Both stores are from the same owner, with the same store name.

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