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6 Most Unique Mosques in Indonesia

Mosques as places of prostration or prayer are an important part of the practice of Islamic teachings. Historically, mosques were not only places of worship, but also for social activities such as education, political and economic deliberations of the people.

The function of the mosque can be related to human culture, especially in its architectural buildings, which are also inseparable from the development of local community culture. In this global culture, mosques in Indonesia mostly follow a uniform pattern, with a mecca to the Middle East. Because there are several mosques whose architecture is separated from the Middle Eastern style, so mosques in some places find their uniqueness. Here are some unique mosques that we need to visit:

1. Cube
Shaped Al Irsyad Mosque Officially opened on August 27, 2010 ago, this mosque with unique and modern architecture immediately stole the attention of many residents of West Bandung Regency.The shape of the cube that looks without a roof, the walls are inscribed with diametric Arabic calligraphy. It really doesn’t resemble buildings in general in Indonesia or even in the world.

Therefore, Al Irshad Mosque was awarded by the National Frame Building Association to be included in the top 5 Building of the Year in 2010.

2. Holy
Minaret Mosque What is unique and interesting is not in the inner mosque, but in the minaret in front of the mosque. In fact, this minaret is not only an icon of this mosque but has become an icon of pride in the Holy city.

You will see a tower that is not like most mosques, namely towers with Hindu-style architecture that at first glance looks like a temple building. The historical mosque founded by Sunan Kudus who came from Palestine was deliberately following the culture of the people at that time. The goal was not to cause resistance from the community which at that time was still a lot of Hindus, even though architecture was not something that was not the subject of Islam.

3. Cheng
Ho Mosque Chinese Style This mosque in the city of Surabaya was founded by people of Chinese descent who are Muslims. Cheng Ho Mosque, or also known as Muhammad Cheng Ho Mosque Surabaya, is a mosque building that resembles a temple (house of worship of Tri Dharma people). This building is located in the area of the PITI multipurpose building complex (Pembina Imam Tawhid Islam) East Java Jalan Gading No.2 (Behind Kusuma Bangsa Heroes Cemetery), Surabaya. This mosque is dominated by red, green, and yellow colors. The ornaments are thick with old Chinese nuances. The entrance resembles the shape of a pagoda, there are also reliefs of dragons and lion statues of candles with lafaz Allah in Arabic letters at the top of the pagoda. On the left side of the building there is a bed as a complement to the mosque building.

In addition to Surabaya in Palembang, there is also a similar mosque with the name Cheng Ho Mosque Palembang or Masjid Al Islam Muhammad Cheng Hoo Sriwijaya Palembang. The name was taken in honor of the great Chinese figure Admiral Cheng Ho, an explorer who helped spread Islam in the archipelago.

4. Dutch-Style
Cipari Mosque If a Dutch-style church might be reasonable, because it is the Dutch missionaries who spread Christianity. But what if the mosque has Dutch-style architecture?

Fortunately we live in zama now where architecture is not associated with ideology. In the past, perhaps the scholars would balk at imitating Dutch things, especially for mosques glorified by Muslims.

Most likely the mosque in Garut was built by Indonesian engineers who received Dutch education, so that the modern architectural style adopted at that time was a modern European style, namely art deco architecture.

5. Kremlin Mosque
For those who know famous buildings in Russia, they will immediately know the uniqueness of the mosque on the Solo-Yogyakarta road. Yes, the shape of the dome and minaret of the An Nurumi mosque is very similar to the existing buildings in Moscow, Russia.

That’s why by some people then named the Kremlin Mosque. But for people who don’t know the Kremlin, they prefer to name it candy mosque or lollipop mosque, because of its candy-like shape.

6. Tuo Kayu Jao
Mosque Tuo Kayu Jao Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Indonesia located in Jorong Kayu Jao, Nagari Batang Barus, Gunung Talang District, Solok Regency, West Sumatra.

The mosque has undergone several restorations, such as the restoration of one of the pillars and the replacement of the old roof with a new one because it has weathered. Although it has been restored several times, the authenticity of this mosque is still maintained. But in the last restoration, the paint color of this mosque which was previously white was changed to blackish brown.

Currently, in addition to being used for Muslim worship activities, this one-story mosque is also used as a means of religious education for the community, and has even become one of the famous tourist attractions in West Sumatra, especially in Solok Regency.

It is not known exactly what year this mosque actually stood. Based on a number of records this mosque was built in 1599, while other records also say it is older than that.

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