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Want to Become a Minang Mart Network, These Are the Conditions

In the near future 1000 Minang Mart will be launched. The goal is to help improve community business.

The way Minang Mart works according to West Sumatra Governor Irwan Prayitno, Grafika will buy products needed by traders directly from the first hand in large quantities. For example, rice and chili commodities will be purchased directly from farmers at reasonable prices and stored in Minang Mart warehouses.

Then, merchants who have joined the network of 1000 Minang Mart, can buy goods to the warehouse. “Since we buy a lot, of course the price will be cheaper. We can also give low prices to Minang Mart member traders,” he said.

“If Minang Mart sells at low prices, of course traders in the market cannot increase prices at will. If it is also raised, people will definitely switch to Minang Mart,” said Irwan Prayitno in Padang on Tuesday.

Irwan added, traders who want to become a Minang Mart network, but lack capital, will be assisted by business loans by Bank Nagari with a light interest of only 7 percent.

“If the trader wants to borrow but there is no collateral, then Jamkrida will intervene to help. But, this is certainly for those who are really serious in trying,” he said as quoted from Antarasumbar, Wednesday, 25/5.

Minang Mart Divided into 4 Classes

Irwan said, Minang Mart will be divided into four classes, depending on the capital conditions of the people who join. Class A is Minang Mart which has a larger building, equipped with air conditioning facilities, complete facilities and open 24 hours. Then, class B, with a capacity below class A. While for class C for stalls, for people who already have stalls can join Minang Mart. Then class D, namely carts.

“Carts that sell with five feet can join Minang Mart, less capital can also borrow at Bank Nagari, as well as collateral given Jamkrida,” he said.

Director of Grafika Jaya West Sumatra, Dasril said, his party would prepare all the necessary needs for the program. “In essence, we are ready to carry out this mandate,” he said.

Head of the West Sumatra Cooperatives and MSMEs Office Zirma Yusri said, currently there are around 100 cooperatives that will join Minang Mart. “This cooperative is a cooperative in each SKPD in West Sumatra and other qualified cooperatives,” he said.

Minang Mart was launched Tuesday (05/24/2016) afternoon in West Sumatra governorate hall. Minang Mart initiated by the West Sumatra Provincial Government does not use the Regional Budget (APBD), but entrepreneur funds with an initial investment of IDR 5 billion.



Ingin Jadi Jaringan Minang Mart, Ini Syaratnya

Dalam waktu dekat akan diluncurkan 1000 Minang Mart. Tujuannya untuk membantu meningkatkan usaha masyarakat.

Cara kerja Minang Mart itu menurut Gubernur Sumbar Irwan Prayitno, Grafika akan membeli produk yang dibutuhkan pedagang langsung dari tangan pertama dengan jumlah banyak. Misalnya untuk komoditi beras dan cabai, akan dibeli langsung dari petani dengan harga yang wajar dan disimpan di gudang Minang Mart.

Kemudian, pedagang yang telah tergabung ke dalam jaringan 1000 Minang Mart, bisa membeli barang ke gudang. “Karena kita beli banyak, tentu saja harganya akan lebih murah. Kita juga bisa beri harga murah pada pedagang anggota Minang Mart,” kata dia.

“Kalau Minang Mart menjual dengan harga murah, tentu pedagang di pasar tidak bisa menaikkan harga semaunya. Kalau dinaikkan juga, masyarakat pasti beralih ke Minang Mart,” kata Irwan Prayitno di Padang, Selasa.

Irwan menambahkan, pedagang yang ingin menjadi jaringan Minang Mart, tetapi kekurangan modal, akan dibantu kredit usaha oleh Bank Nagari dengan bunga ringan hanya 7 persen.

“Kalau pedagang itu ingin meminjam tapi tidak ada agunan, maka Jamkrida akan turun tangan untuk membantu. Tetapi, ini tentu untuk mereka yang benar-benar serius dalam berusaha,” katanya seperti dikutip dari Antarasumbar, Rabu, 25/5.

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